• We appreciate your participation and hope to see you in MANTEMIN 2012
    We appreciate your participation and hope to see you in MANTEMIN 2012

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MANTEMIN 2011 :: Video Gentileza de Área Minera TV

From 7 to 9 September 2011, took place the 6th International Meeting on Mine Equipment Maintenance Meeting- MANTEMIN 2011, which took place in the Hotel del Desierto Enjoy, Antofagasta, Chile. The meeting was jointly organised by GECAMIN, Chile and C-MORE Centre for Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada. The Meeting took in parallel with the 8th International Mining Plant Maintenance Meeting - MAPLA 2011. For the third consecutive year these meetings were held together, providing a technical exchange forum for the attending professionals, where they discuss strategies to address both, unique challenges as well as the common ones in mines and plants maintenance.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed their time and energy to the organisation of this meeting. We would especially like to thank:

  • The authors for their papers and presentations, and also for their willingness to travel to Santiago the share their experiences
  • The technical reviewers for dedicating their time in the evaluation of each of the papers to ensure the quality of this publication
  • The sponsors for their generous support
  • The Gecamin team for their excellent planning and professionalism.

Finally, we thank all of you, the participants, who have made this enriching exchange of knowledge and ideas possible with your enthusiasm and motivation.

- Organising Committee

6th International Mine Equipment Maintenance Meeting